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Bonus Parenting Tips for 
Your Muslim Child
By: Grandma Jeddah

Use kisses--not switches
For ADHD--give hugs not drugs
Avoid belts--and welts
Before you shout--think about
Good advice -- be nice
Avoid wars -- Use stars
Incentive charts -- guide hearts
Don't call names -- it'll cause shame

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Be Strong . . . Don't Crack

“Shaitan places his throne upon water; then sends detachments (for creating dissension); one of them comes and says: I did not spare so and so until I sowed the seed of discord between him and his father or between him and his mother or his brothers. Then he (Shaitan) says: you did nothing. They will be made up with one another. Another one comes and says: I did not spare so and so until I sowed the seed of discord between him and his wife. The Shaitan goes near him and says: ‘You have done well. And He then embraces him and says: You are so and so.” (Sahih Muslim p.376 v.2)

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Learn over 24 parenting and Discipline techniques that avoid hitting, shouting and losing control. Find out ways in which the Prophet (saw) managed children around him. 
Discover 4 main reasons why children disobey.

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Best Reason for Obeying

Your Husband

Allah's Messenger said, "When a woman observes the five times of prayer, fasts during Ramadan, preserves her chastity and obeys her husband, she may enter by any of the gates of Paradise she wishes." Tirmidhi #3254

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Give your child support to help her solve her problems  herself.

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Parenting Tips

Marriage Tips

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Find out how to Discipline Children the Islamic Way




Islamic Parenting

Disciplining our Children--
Mothering with Mercy  

​One of the most important points to remember when disciplining our children is to let them know they are loved and their feelings matter. One way this is done is by correcting them with respectful words and actions. It can also be achieved by being patient and understanding with their mistakes. In addition, we should allow our children to express their feelings in an acceptable and considerate way.   

Hitting Children
Regarding the subject of hitting children when disciplining them, there are differing opinions. Some scholars are of the opinion that hitting is allowed for young children, others forbid it. 

There are of course reports of the Sahaba hitting their children. There is also the hadith that at ten years of age, parents should hit their kids if they don’t pray. In addition, there is a hadith that mentions hanging your belt for the discipline of your family (some consider this hadith weak).

However, The Prophet (saw) himself never hit any of his own children or the children of others. This is truly an amazing aspect of the Prophet’s (saw) life. He had biological children of his own, step children from other wives and he was around many children during his prophethood. In fact, in one hadith, Anas ibn Malik says he lived with the Prophet (saw) for 10 years and The Prophet (saw) never hit him, insulted him or frowned in his face. That’s 10 YEARS!

​Another narration says “I served the Prophet (saw) for ten years and he never said to me ‘why did you do that?’ after I had done something or ‘why did you not do that?’ after I had neglected to do something.’ ‘He never said a word of contempt to me.’ ”

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